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Royal American Cuties
Win Fees Paid/Prizes


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For Prelim. Pageants
Hospitality Winner
This contest is optional to all contestants, but is a great way to discount you entry...and win prizes! selling tickets to family and friends.  Tickets are $1.00 each for a raffle; winners will receive cash, prizes, and more!!!
Win fees paid!!!
Sell 125 tickets = supreme fees paid
Win prizes!!!
Sell 150 tickets = supreme fees paid & tiara/crown
Sell 175 tickets = supreme fees paid, tiara/crown, & 18" trophy
Sell 200 tickets = supreme fees paid, tiara/crown, 24" trophy, & banner pin
Sell 225 tickets = supreme fees paid, tiara/crown, 3' trophy, & banner pin
Sell 250 tickets or more and qualify for Hospitality
Hospitality Winner is the contestant selling the most tickets overall.  He/She will receive a rhinestone banner pin, a tiara/crown, all event fees paid, a sash, and a 5' trophy!!!
*Prizes and ticket sales amounts may vary at each pageant location - check with the director or your application for the most recent info.!*
If you are selling tickets, you must let me know by the deadline in order to ensure you receive your prize(s)!
DEADLINE:  2 weeks prior to pageant date.  Deadline will be inforced!  No door entries will be accepted!  You must mail in a $50 deposit with your application, but may pay remainder at the door.  NO CHECKS AT THE DOOR!  CASH OR MONEY ORDERS ONLY!  All ticket sales money is due by deadline.  Please bring tickets with you to registration.
Another great way to win fees paid!!!
Refer 5 new contestants to our pageant and enter all events free!!!
(Referrals must be new to our pageant system, and must enter all events.)
For each referral under 5, you may deduct $25 from your fees.
Sibling Discount
First child enters at full price, siblings enter at half price.
Early Bird Prize
$5.00 for adults
$3.00 for children
Contestant and 1 chaperone enter free!
(No admission charge for mall pageants!)
For State and National Pageants
(Information coming soon!)

Royal American Cuties is not affiliated with any other pageant system or directors, and is registered and solely owned by Janine Firment!

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