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Royal American Cuties Pageant System

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Miss Janine


      Janine lives in Virginia and Texas, and has been competing in pageants off and on since she was 17.  She enjoys pageants and working with people, and having her own pageant system gives her the best of both worlds.  She believes that every child is beautiful, and that everyone is a winner!  That is why every child receives a crown, banner, and trophy!

      Janine's hobbies include: over 9 years of coaching recreation-league cheerleading; having taken over 15 years of dance; horseback riding; softball; competing in, directing, and judging pageants (anything to do with pageants!); being a former "Total Nockout"; reading; shopping; photography; being active within her church and community; and spending time with her family and friends.  She has also recently begun running, and doing 5- and 10-k runs with her best friends.

      Miss Janine looks forward to meeting all of her contestants and their families as they join her pageant system!  Pageant Hugs to everyone!!!

More info and photos coming soon... !

Royal American Cuties is not affiliated with any other pageant system or directors, and is registered and solely owned by Janine Firment!

More director info. coming soon!