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Projects our Royalty are involved in :

Care For Our Soldiers
started in 2003 by Chastity Walker
VA Tri-Cities Mini-Supreme
Our troops are in need of the following items:
shoe boxes or photo boxes (to pack the supplies in)
baby wipes (in soft packs) 
sunscreen (sweat proof)
disopsable razors
shaving cream
ski goggles (because of the sand storms) - dark colored
bandanas - preferably camoflague colored
travel packs of tissues
toilet paper
toothbrush and toothpaste
glow sticks (it gets very dark because of the sand storms)
international calling cards (for calling home)
cards (to let them know you support their efforts...especially valuable to soldiers that may not have families)
food (please do not send anything that could melt in the heat, like chocolate)
hard candy
beef jerky
breakfast bars
goldfish crackers (in individual snack sizes)
(Food sent has to be in soft dosposable packages that can just be dropped along the way....they have to keep everything they own with them at all times so it all has to be compact...small...that is why the shoebox size is about perfect.)
Please email (Chastity's mom) for drop-off locations, or more info. on how you can help!

Crowning with a twist, at RAC 2004 VA Open-State - August 7th - Hopewell, VA!
(For questions - email Shelby's mom at
Shelby Smith - RAC 2003 Mini-National 10+ Grand Supreme - has already donated 17 crowns to Queen For A Day, and challenges all contestants and royalty to do the same!
Please bring your crowns to the pageant, and Shelby will be collecting them to send to Queen For A Day!
Let's show QFAD the Virginia pageant girl spirit!
Please donate any type of crown, big or small.
They will all be used and appreciated!
Queen For A Day is a 501(C)3 organization raising the self-esteem and confidence of pediatric cancer patients by hosting parties for kids to be kids.
We pamper girls with make-overs, manicures, and a "coronation ceremony" where each girl is crowned as a champion over her illness with a tiara donated by a pageant titleholder.
We treat boys with hero themed gifts, reinforcing bravery and courage through images of police officers and firefighters.
Don't just crown or compete!  Meet the challenge!


Royal American Cuties is not affiliated with any other pageant system or directors, and is registered and solely owned by Janine Firment!

More information coming soon!