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State Directors - Please email the National Director ( with a list of your State winners and runners-up, so that they may be added!

2006 Winners
Congratulations to you all!
"Round Crown" winners - April 30, 2006 - Midlothian, VA
Natural Grand Supreme - Kaitlynne Garner
Glitz Grand Supreme - Jasmine Lynch
Natural Mini-Supreme (0-6 yrs) - Morgan Hundley
Natural Mini-Supreme (7+ yrs) - Nikki Tomlin
Glitz Mini-Supreme - Erica Wall
Boy Mini-Supreme - Daiton Deeds
Division Queens - Kyler Trails, Kaitlyn Brooks, Alexis Guzman
Photogenic Winners - Kyler Trails, Morgan Hundley, Kaitlyn Brooks, Kaitlynne Garner, Nikki Tomlin, Alexis Guzman, Erica Wall, Jasmine Lynch, Daiton Deeds
Personality Winners - Kyler Trails, Morgan Hundley, Kaitlyn Brooks, Kaitlynne Garner, Nikki Tomlin, Alexis Guzman, Erica Wall, Jasmine Lynch, Daiton Deeds
Outfit-of-Choice Winners - Kyler Trails, Morgan Hundley, Kaitlyn Brooks, Kaitlynne Garner, Nikki Tomlin, Alexis Guzman, Erica Wall, Jasmine Lynch, Daiton Deeds
A big thank you to my helpers - Sara Taylor, and Taylor & Jessie Chiasson - for all of their hard work (and for staying up all night with me!). 
Sara - What did you think of the coffee, LOL!  Maybe we should stick to Starbucks!

November 20, 2005 - Chester, VA
Hi-Point Winner: Allison Exner
Glitz Overall: Madison Scherrer
Natural Overall: Morgan Hundley
Boy Supreme: Ryan Exner
0-9 Supreme: Lauren Scherrer
10+ Supreme: Tiffany Harris
Overall Photogenic & Overall Personality: Allison Exner
0-9 Talent: Kayla Narron
10+ Talent: Tiffany Harris
Division Winners:
3-4 yr: Brandi Townsend
5-6 yr: Brianna Townsend
7-9 yr: Shelby Kitchen
Photogenic Winners:
Lauren Scherrer
Morgan Hundley
Brianna Townsend
Madison Scherrer
Ryan Exner
Kayla Narron
Tiffany Harris
Personality Winners:
Lauren Scherrer
Morgan Hundley
Brianna Townsend
Madison Scherrer
Ryan Exner
Shelby Kitchen
Tiffany Harris
Hospitality Winner: Tiffany Harris
Taylor & Jessie Chiasson (hostesses) - I could not have gotten all of the prizes and decorations set up without the 2 of you!  You were a big help!
TJ Harris (visiting royalty): Thank you for helping with crowning!

Congratulations to you all!
2005 "T-Shirts & Talent" royalty

2004 Pageant Season

2004 Virginia Open-State Pageant ~ August 7, 2004 ~ Hopewell, VA
0-4 Grand Supreme - Makayla Green
5-9 Grand Supreme - Chanel Gantt
10+ Grand Supreme - Tabitha Harvey
Boy Grand Supreme - Roo Hines
0-4 Mini Supreme - Morgan Grissom
5-9 Mini Supreme - Alyssa Murrell
10+ Mini Supreme - Mary Lukasiewicz
Boy Mini Supreme - Daiton Deeds
Wee Miss Virginia Supreme - Madison Scott
Wee Miss Virginia - Alexis Guzman
1st Runner Up - Kyrston Saunders
Photogenic - Kyrston Saunders
Casual Wear - Alexis Guzman
Toddler Mister Virginia - Dakota Saunders
Photogenic - Dakota Saunders
Casual Wear - Dakota Saunders
Toddler Miss Virginia Supreme - Hannah Sweeney & Adrianna Hogsett
Toddler Miss Virginia - Madison Keller
Photogenic - Madison Keller
Casual Wear - Adrianna Hogsett
Miniature Miss Virginia - Allison Corbin
Photogenic - Makayla Green
Casual Wear - Allison Corbin
Pro-Am - Morgan Grissom
Tiny Mister - (pulled for Supremes)
Photogenic - Roo Hines
Casual Wear - Roo Hines
Pro-Am - Daiton Deeds
Tiny Miss Virginia Supreme - Brittany Blakely
Tiny Miss Virginia - Jordan Summerfield
Photogenic - Jordan Summerfield & Chanel Gantt
Casual Wear - Brittany Blakely
Pro-Am - Jordan Summerfield
Little Miss Virginia Supreme - Jasmine Lynch
Photogenic - Alyssa Murrell
Pro-Am - Alyssa Murrell
Pre-Teen Mister Virginia - Richard Irsik
Photogenic - Richard Irsik
Pro-Am - Richard Irsik
Pre-Teen Miss Virginia Supreme - Karen Irsik
Pre-Teen Miss Virginia - (none)
Photogenic - Karen Irsik
Casual Wear - Karen Irsik
Pro-Am - Mary Lukasiewicz
Teen Miss - (pulled for Supreme)
Photogenic - Tabitha Harvey
Pro-Am - Tabitha Harvey
Junior Miss Virginia Supreme - Ashley Tatum
Junior Miss Virginia - LaTasha Ginyard
Photogenic - Ashley Tatum
Casual Wear - Ashley Tatum
Senior Miss Virginia Supreme - Stephanie Tatum
Photogenic - Stephanie Tatum
Casual Wear - Stephanie Tatum
Mrs. Virginia Supreme - Kimberly Anderson
Photogenic - Kimberly Anderson
Casual Wear - Kimberly Anderson
Referral Queen (w/ 5 referrals!) - Brittany Blakely
Ad Sales Queen - Madison Scott
Friendship Queen - Alexis Guzman
Plus... 2 NEW awards!
2003 Royal American Cuties Angel Outreach Program Humanitarian Award - Chastity Walker
2004 Royal American Cuties Angel Outreach Program Humanitarian Award - Shelby Smith
Thank you to Shelby Smith, Alecia Truitt, Chastity Walker, and Kaitlynne Garner for all of your help during the pageant!
Shelby Smith was also able to collect 67 (and counting!) crowns at the pageant for the Queen For A Day organization!  Way to go Miss Shelby!
Thank you to Ms. Jenny (Jenny's Gems) for doing H/M!
Thank you to RG Forrest & International Beauty Team for photographing!  (If you have not yet ordered your photos, email RG at!)
(photos coming soon!)

August 1, 2004
We are proud to introduce our newest RAC royalty!
Please welcome KAYLEA VERNOLD from Florida to our RAC "family"!
KAYLEA VERNOLD - 2004 Tiny Miss Florida

Kaylea Vernold
RAC 2004 Tiny Miss Florida

April 3, 2004 ~ Tri-City Pageant ~ Chester, VA
Grand Supreme - Brittany Hartle
Girl 0-9 years Mini-Supreme - Kayla Narron
Girl 10+ years Mini-Supreme - Kelly Johnson
Boy Mini-Supreme - Brent Hamilton
Beauty Winners
24-35 months girls - Rylie Hamilton
3-4 years girls - Katelyn Burroughs
5-6 years girls - Channyn McNew
1st runner up - Ciara Wilmoth
18+ years girls (married) - Kimberly Anderson
Photogenic Winners
Brent Hamilton, Rylie Hamilton, Katelyn Burroughs, Kayla Narron, Kelly Johnson, Brittany Hartle, Kimberly Anderson
Casual Wear Winners
Rylie Hamilton, Katelyn Burroughs,Channyn McNew, Kelly Johnson, Brittany Hartle, Kimberly Anderson
"Early-Bird" Winner - Kelly Johnson
Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!
To Miss Cindy T. - My tan and nails were awsome!  You're the best - thank you for fitting me in last-minute!
To Miss Patty S. - my favorite CPA - Thank you for all of your hard work, and for putting up with Miss Janine's "princess" attitude all weekend!
To Alicia S. and Ashley L. - Thank you for helping out at the last minute!!!
To Miss Alecia Truitt & Miss Deborah - Thank you for everything!  Miss Alecia, I am so proud to have you serving as part of our 2003 Mini-National royalty!  You were a huge help!!!
To Sara T. - I'm sorry you weren't albe to come - we missed you!  But I hope you had a great time at your party!!!
To Nancy K. and Miss Kaitlynne - I'm sorry you weren't able to make it, but can't wait to see you both at States!

2003 Pageant Season

Tri-Cities Pageant (prelim.) - January 25, 2003 - Chester, VA
Grand Supreme - Shelby Smith
0-9 Mini-Supreme - Kaitlyn Brooks
10&up Mini-Supreme - (tie) - Chastity Walker & Lisa Brooks
24-35mos Photogenic - Kaitlyn Brooks
3-4yr Beauty & Photogenic - Katelyn Williams
5-6yr Beauty - Kayla Narron
5-6yr Photogenic & 1st Alternate - Whitney Clements
10-12 Photogenic - Shelby Smith
13-15yr Beauty & Photogenic - Carrie Hulcher
13-15yr 1st Alternate - Brittany Harris
16-19yr Photogenic - Chastity Walker
18+ (married) Photogenic - Lisa Brooks
Hospitality Winner - Katelyn Williams

2003 Royal American Cuties Tri-Cities Winners
2003 Royal American Cuties Tri-Cities Winners

Congratulations to everyone!  Competition was tough and scores were close!
Mini-National Pageant - May 31, 2003 - Chester, VA
Grand Supremes
0-9 Girl Grand Supreme - Courtney Painter
10+ Girl Grand Supreme - Shelby Smith
Boy Grand Supreme- Roo Hines
0-9 Girl Mini-Supreme - Whitney Christophe
10+ Girl Mini-Supreme - Alecia Truitt
Boy Mini-Supreme -
Division Winners & Optionals
0-11 month Girl Beauty Winner - Madison Scott
Photogenic - Madison Scott
Casual Wear - Madison Scott
Outfit of Choice - Madison Scott
12-23 month Boy - (pulled for supreme)
Photogenic -
Casual Wear -
Outfit of Choice -
24-35 month Girl Beauty Winner - Morgan Grissom
1st Runner-Up Beauty - Allana Moon
Photogenic - Morgan Grissom
Pro-Am - Allana Moon
Outfit of Choice - Allana Moon
5-6 year Girl Beauty Winner - Terri Williams
Photogenic - Courtney Painter
Pro-Am - Courtney Painter
Outfit of Choice - Courtney Painter
5-6 year Boy - (pulled for supreme)
Photogenic - Roo Hines
Pro-Am - Roo Hines
Outfit of Choice - Roo Hines
7-9 year Girl Beauty Winner - (pulled for supreme)
Photogenic - Whitney Christophe
Pro-Am - Whitney Christophe
Outfit of Choice - Whitney Christophe
10-12 year Girl - (pulled for supremes)
Photogenic - Shelby Smith
Pro-Am - Shelby Smith
Outfit of Choice - Shelby Smith
Ad Sales King - Roo Hines
Ad Sales Princess - Madison Scott
Photographer - Miss Lora and Fotos by Lora
(I can't wait to see all of the beautiful pictures!)
Visiting Royalty - Jasmine Lynch
Ambassador - Chastity Walker
2003 Mini-National Hostess - Sara Taylor
You were all such a big help!  Thank you!
A personal thank you to Miss Cindy (Taylor-Made Tanning) and Mister Ryan for all that you did for me this weekend!
I hope that everyone had a great time!  Score sheets will be mailed out in about a week.  I will post a winners banner as soon as I receive the photos back.
Pageant Hugs!
~Miss Janine~

Royal American Cuties
2003 Mini-National Royalty

Essay Contest - October 18, 2003 - Hopewell, VA
"Why I should be chosen as a queen..."
9-15yr winner - Julia Silva
16+ winner - Andrea Silva

"T-Shirt & Jeans" pageant (prelim.) - October 26, 2003 - Richmond, VA
Grand Supreme
Sabrina Bracken
(Boys) Daiton Deeds
(0-9yr Girls) Sydney Greer
(10+ Girls) Brittany McDaniel
Beauty Winners
0-24mo Girls - Kaitlyn Brooks
5-6yr Girls - Jasmine Lynch
princess - Lauren Epperson
7-9yr Girls - Karen Irsik
7-9yr Boys - Richard Irsik
18+ married Girls - Lisa Brooks
Photogenic Winners
0-24mo Girls - Kaitlyn Brooks
3-4yr Girls - Sydney Greer
5-6yr Girls - Jasmine Lynch
5-6yr Boys - Daiton Deeds
7-9yr Girls - Sabrina Bracken
7-9yr Boys - Richard Irsik
10-12yr Girls - Brittany McDaniel
18+ married Girls - Lisa Brooks
Thank you to Sara Taylor for all of her help at the pageant!  And Trina Gibbs for making Miss Janine so pretty!

Royal American Cuties
2003 Richmond "T-Shirt & Jeans" Winners

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More winners coming soon!